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Businesses offering storage space for rent, as opposed to offering warehouse space for rent, are offering a very different service. While a warehouse implies rolling inventory in and out of the space, storage is often a fixed term placement of goods or equipment that is not needed at the time.

In Canada, the CBC published an article on an increased demand for industrial storage space, stating, “Light industrial space has replaced downtown offices as prime commercial real estate”.

There are a few types of storage ranging from self-storage to manufacturing and construction equipment storage. One of the most common storage units is the quonest. A quonest ranges in price from $5,000 to $50,000+ USD and are used to store anything from cars to large equipment and anything else that needs protection from the elements to a little extra security. Of course, the price seems affordable, but you also need to own the land so renting an already built one is a good option. When thinking of renting storage space, a quonset is a common choice.

As a current and future trend, Forbes published an article on retail malls transforming into industrial parks; no doubt, some of this space will be offered as industrial storage space for rent. Dallas-Fort Worth is the hub of North American storage with new developments taking 8 percent of the market share.